Happy New Year 2019

A very happy new year to Everyone.

After reading this hacker news article, I thought I should follow the same footsteps and create the same blog with the list of things i did not know about in 2018. In 2019 I will get (or try to get) a deep dive into all the concepts.


Things I did not know of 2018.

  1. Database systems seems to be a challenging part for me. I can do joins, but complex queries make my head feel dizzy. I guess may be because I am not exposed to that area much.
  2. I should learn to understand the balance sheet and analyze the stock. How do i understand the Competitive Advantage of a particular company.
  3. Learn more about authentication systems. It helps to develop secure applications.
  4. Instead of learning a framework or language, try to understand why on the first place language is created. Which problem does it solve.? This helps to have a deeper understanding of the language.
  5. Competitive programming difficult problems. Apart from A and B in codeforces, I should try to solve C to F problems withing the contest environment. This certainly increases my rank and helps me to debug the areas which needs help. Problem was finding a problem with increasing difficulty. Have to device a method to do this.
  6. Learn to design a highly scalable architecture. HighScalability.com has a wide variety of resources which helps you think horizondally in this cloud era. Learning from seniors should be one of the major goals of this year.
  7. Grids are the new era of designing fronend web applications. Grids remove the barrier of thinking the layout just from top and left. I have look at some architectures and try to recreate in css grids. Watching the amazing talk by Jen Simmons made me try some new things in frontend part.
  8. Finished 5 books. Average CEO reads 40 books. Long way to go.

I will add in the list as i discover the things which i have missed.

Thanks for reading.

Have a Blasting year ahead.